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L A Nelson has been in the pattern making business since 1947.

A pattern  is used to produce  castings of any alloy and  is generally made of wood or metal. It requires a skilled craftsman to carefully read a drawing  and, by using hand tools or machinery, create a precise pattern, representing the final metal part.

The patternmaker goes through a five year apprenticeship and needs to understand about metal shrinkage's and molding practices required by the foundry.

A pattern can be used to make parts for machinery, aircraft, household appliances, or molds for making plastic parts.
If you have a drawing and would like us to quote a pattern please e-mail your inquiries or use the USPS to send us a drawing.

We can also provide castings for your job as well. We work with several foundries in the metro area and we offer competitive pricing. Whether its aluminum,steel,bronze, or iron. Sand castings, investment castings, or permanent mold castings, we can do the job.

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